hudson jane monthly supper club membership

We couldn’t think of a better way to bring people together than to gather our special community around the dinner table once a month. It’s a way for you to meet and connect with new people and catch up with friends you don’t see that often because let’s face it... we all get swept up in our busy schedules. But one Saturday every month, you can slow down and enjoy a lovingly crafted meal and have engaging conversations.   


here’s what hudson jane's monthly supper club membership includes:

  • One Saturday evening each month beginning in the spring of 2018, we'll close our doors to the public, and host a dinner for our supper club members.
  • You get us! Megan in the kitchen cookin’ up a storm; Jen up front as hostess with the mostest. 
  • Seasonal craft cocktail hour with a few things snacks to wake up your taste buds.
  • Four-course meal made with ethically + sustainably procured ingredients from local farms. 
  • We accommodate dietary restrictions... vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, paleo, you name it! 
  • Wine + beer pairings with each course.  Don’t drink?  We’ll hook you up with dope mocktails.

member's only bonus gifts:

  • 10% off in our retail store for 1 year.
  • Holiday gift bag sent to your home with house-made provisions.

in order to keep the vibe intimate, so you can actually hear and enjoy your conversations...we only have a limited number of seats available.

supper club membership
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