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FOOD: off the menu
[july 2017]

"Casual fare — beef and noodles, chicken and dumplings, and sandwiches like a vegan B.L.T. — are served at this all-day cafe and wine bar from married partners, the chef Megan Johnson, who worked at Gramercy Tavern, among others, and Jen LaPorta. The restaurant also has a retail store for prepared food and goods..."


BEST fall brunch menus in nyc
[oct 2017]

"If you’re in the mood for comfort food, Hudson Jane NYC is the place to be. Chef and owner Megan Johnson is setting the bar high with an American favorite – the crispy hash brown. Yep, she’s using this fried potato masterpiece..."


The Bite: Hudson Jane’s Modern Twist On American Comfort Food
[AuG 2017]

"The sunlight flooded in through the massive windows of Hudson Jane last Sunday afternoon as the new all-day café/restaurant/wine bar was abuzz with brunch.

I’d been looking forward to Hudson Jane’s opening for quite a while, and it appeared that I wasn’t alone. All of the ten or so tables were filled in the eatery, and a few parties patiently waited outside for room to open up. The spare design of the space is modern and clean, much like Chef Megan Johnson’s [...] spin on American comfort food."


Hudson Jane Brings Gramercy Tavern Chef To Fort Greene
[july 2017]

"...Hudson Jane, which opened Monday at 360 Myrtle Ave., has it all, it would seem. A cafe counter that offers quick food and coffee to to go? Check. A sit-down restaurant that functions as a wine and (wine) cocktail bar at night? Check. Breakfast, lunch and dinner? Check, check and check.


Grub Street’s top 12 Restaurant Power Rankings
[july 2017]

"Over on the border of Fort Greene and Clinton Hill, this all-day café is open and, frankly, the whole place just looks so damn charming. (Also, they have a hash-brown sandwich that is almost certain to pop up on your Instagram timeline in the near future.)."


The 'Double Brown' Sandwich Challenges KFC At Hudson Jane In Fort Greene
[july 2017]

"...There are few who wouldn't answer the siren's call of a well-fried hash brown, and if stunt foods are here to stay they may as well be made by a former Gramercy Tavern chef. The all-day restaurant serves a number of fun dishes in line with their "life's too short to eat sh*tty food!" motto...”

"Coming at you hot to Brooklyn’s happening Fort Greene neighborhood is Hudson Jane. [...] Designed by Masterson Architecture & Design (Atrium Dumbo), the interior space was created to appeal to both aesthetics and utility; a functional space that can also serve as a simple backdrop for the vibrant food. Accented by antiques collected by Megan and Jen over the years, the personal items give the restaurant a cozy touch."

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New Fort Greene Cafe Opens Refreshingly Free of Gimmicks
[july 2017]

"...Fort Greene’s new Hudson Jane goes against the grain for its lack of gimmicks. This all-day cafe from partners Jen LaPorta and chef Megan Johnson (Gramercy Tavern, Casellula) is just an old-fashioned restaurant with breakfast through dinner, plus a grab-and-go retail section...."


From partners Megan Johnson (previously at Gramercy Tavern, Gottino and Casellula) and Jen LaPorta, this all-day gathering place in Fort Greene pairs elevated American comfort fare – crafted using local ingredients – with an all-natural wine list, craft beers and coffee drinks from Counter Culture Coffee. The minimalist, functional setting features white oak accents and pegboard rails.

{july 2017]

"Fort Greene has just got a brand-spanking new all-day café, restaurant and wine bar that has all the trappings of a damn great day out. Fort Greene is definitely having a moment right now. With recent openings in this part of town like Miss Ada and Metta being met with an insanely positive response, it’s time we got this train moving and welcomed another superstar contender to join the area – Hudson Jane..."