Hudson Jane is a New American restaurant with a purpose to bring people together to learn about and enjoy good food and form wholehearted relationships within our community.   

Mission Statement: We are here to serve you: to make your day a little more beautiful and a whole lot tastier.  A happier you means a happier community.  It’s our small contribution to making our neighborhood a better place, one person, one smile, one bite at a time.   Love,  Megan + Jen



Good food prepared with consideration should not be a once in a while occurrence. 

When most people think of American Food, they picture burgers, fries, mac and cheese, and of course hot dogs. For us, part of what makes eating in America so interesting is that all the different cultures that emigrated here over the years have also brought their own cuisines, food traditions, flavors and ingredients with them.

With our “American Comfort” menu, Chef Megan celebrates her take on the comforting dishes of the many cultures that make America taste so great!

Now more than ever, we need to come together as a country.  We believe there is no better way to celebrate our cultural diversity than through food.  Food brings us together; it comforts us in our time of need and is there for us when we want to celebrate.    


Hudson Jane is not just a restaurant; It's a hub where the community can gather and make plans, share food, wine and fun. 

Start your day with a coffee and breakfast.  Come back in the evening to eat wholesome food and wine and make memories with friends and neighbors.  

photo by laurie rhodes

photo by laurie rhodes

when the details that make up everyday life are carefully thought out – with intention and love – that is "considered living."  

Visit Hudson Jane's retail shop and enjoy some consideration at home. 

The shop will feature freshly made House-made provisions to go daily.  There will also be a well-appointed collection of locally made homewares. 

Drop by Hudson Jane to learn more about making and enjoying the foods you love.  Megan will host tastings and cooking classes where our neighbors will master the craft of considered living.  

Attend regular "meet the maker" events where we'll connect you with the individuals who make the foods you enjoy at Hudson Jane.